SPIKE® Seasoning

The Original SPIKE® Seasoning Magic!!

Have you ever HATED your spice rack – or in my case spice CABINET?

I’m a true HOME CHEF – I cook every day – and I LOVE to try new recipes – so when I looked at my spice cabinet last weekend it was so overloaded with spices SO old that they likely could no longer add any flavor to any dish.. so I tossed them ALL. Confidently. Why? Because I knew I had everything I need with SPIKE® Magic! Seasonings.

I’ve been cooking with these lovely babies for years – SPIKE® Original Magic! is my go-to for salad dressing, eggs, stews, stir-fries, hamburgers, turkey burgers, oven fries, popcorn… you name it – SPIKE® Original Magic! IS the MAGIC in my cooking! When I’m “heating it up” with chili or salsa – SPIKE® Hot-n-Spicy Magic! does the trick. And when I’m on a cleanse, trying to avoid salt – SPIKE® Salt-Free Magic! gives me ALL the FLAVOR I need – WITH ZERO SALT!!

And there are seven more beauties in this GREAT line of SPIKE® Magic! seasonings – and I will talk at length about each of them in the coming weeks – but today? I give you…

SPIKE® Original Magic!

I’ve been using this product for 30 years – and all of my friends from college STILL use it, thanks to me introducing it to them. It is the original, all-time-best, all-purpose seasoning EVER.

Created by pioneer nutritionist and author Gayelord Hauser in his test kitchen in Sicily a half-century ago, SPIKE® Original Magic! is the all-natural, most-flavorful way to season your food. With 39 different herbs and spices + earth AND sea salts – a dash or two on pretty much ANYTHING savory (don’t do it on sweets) – makes it taste “gourmet”.

I recall years ago, meeting up with friends at beach house in North Carolina for memorial day. I brought out my SPIKE® Original Magic! to sprinkle on the salad 0 and my friend’s brother, who was in college as the time – yelled out – “SPIKE®! I love that stuff! I put it on my tuna! Without SPIKE® it’s just tuna from a can!”

And there you have it – SPIKE® Original Magic! even makes CANNED TUNA a gourmet meal.

Here’s how you can use it to make a great salad dressing for the whole week!

1 cup cold pressed virgin olive oil

3/4 cup balsamic vinegar

1 Tbsp. SPIKE® Original Magic! (or if you can’t have salt – SPIKE® Salt-Free Magic!)

Combine all ingredients in a container – shake to combine – toss one teaspoon with one cup of mixed lettuces for a terrific single serving salad.

Until next time… EAT HEALTHY…


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